Van Buren, AR

Bio: I'm a former medical transcriptionist or medical language specialist (MLS). Working in this field for over 20 years. I'm looking for a CAREER CHANGE! I'm a wife and mom to a son who is in COLLEGE (Yikes!), which I'm finding hard to grasp. For the past 20+ years I've dabbled in pottery. Donna Dewberry and One-Stroke opened up the acrylic world for me. My sister was getting married and we'd decided to go with hand painted wedding invites. My sister Dawn, got it into her thick head I could paint! What…?!? I dunno, the stress of the wedding caused a temporary delusional state. I guess weddings will do this to a first timer? And as her older and only sister, I frantically searched for something, anything easy, for beginner artists. Huh! "Artist?" Paint-by-number kits were looking great to me. Anyway, this…CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION — THANK YOU

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