Petaloo International GIVEAWAY —YAY!!

This is a link to enter the Petaloo International handmade Christmas giveaway  http:// I hope this is the correct way to do this. The Petaloo site just mentioned to post this link to any social network. I most definitely entered!! I love Petaloo!

If you love crafting, mixed media, papercrafting and cardmaking they’ve got you covered! The paper mulberry flowers they make are GORGEOUS! Well, good grief! I’m sure you folks know what I’m talking about 🙂

Go ahead and try the link. I love making and giving handmade Christmas presents!! Shows you really spent the time and it’s so thoughtful — okay, yes you can save a little money too, but that just leaves a little more change for the Salvation Army buckets!! Win, win;-)

What can I win from Petaloo?
“DIY Paintable” 
Burlap flowers

“DIY Paintable”
Velvet flowers

Paintable trims & more! …

Winners announced FB ~ Mon 11/23

Good luck!!

I wish you a beautiful day!


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