1st Faux Mercury Glass Project


Excuse the poor pic, too excited! I discovered that wadding up vinegar saturated paper towels and leaving them in the jars, swishing and shaking the jar worked great for achieving the mottled effect. I knew the jar mouths were too small for my hands, so I was prepared to use a paper towel covered brush handle to daub off the vinegar/water mix, but didn’t need it.
So, yep, it worked!!  Don’t want to brag, but I think these turned out pretty darn good.

I’d been putting this project off as I was a tad intimidated. As I’m not familiar with this type of spray paint, I wasn’t sure exactly how much wriggle room I’d have or how fast the paint dried in order to work with the vinegar/water mix. I was really afraid of messing up.

Turns out I had plenty of time. In fact, I could slow down and swish the paint around the jars, ensuring good coverage. To me the drier the paint the better the vinegar/water solution worked. 

I know this isn’t earth shattering news and probably no one will read this, but I just had to write that next time I want to try something, I’m going to do it; not be overwhelmed or afraid of failing. I’ve had this spray paint since last year! So, go ahead! Just do it, as the saying goes. It can’t hurt to try and because I tried, I felt way more in control and was able to come up with my OWN way of doing something. I have this problem with a lot of things. The YouTube people I follow all say the same thing “just get in there and play.” It’s probably obvious to most normal people, but I’m far from that.

I’m sure I’m not the only person to have tried the paper towel thing, but it is MY discovery. YouTube and Pinterest are wonderful tools, but like tools you gotta use them or they’ll get frozen up, rusted. So I’m gonna just get in there and play around. I’ve got a ton of mixed media projects, stamping, and cardmaking things I’ve been pinning to try. That’s one of my problems is staying glued to tutorials.

Okay, gotta go. All I wanted to tell you about was the paper towel thing and somehow I got off track.

Now I gotta figure out what the hell I’m going to do with my new faux mercury glass. LOL! I don’t think I can even use them for candle holders as they’re either too tall or who knows what. I do know for a fact they’ll have to be sealed.

Thanks for reading! Sending you hugs and best wishes! 🙂

P.S.  I sprayed an antique type of gold inside the jars for a more realistic effect and boy that stuff dried way to fast! As I haven’t sealed them yet, I’m thinking of starting all over. This time I’ll alternate between the two, then spray with a much stronger vinegar mix.

Thanks again!


I wish you a beautiful day!


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