I surely have no business having a blog!

Somebody is handing blog sites out like candy. I’m still unsure of how I came to have my very own blog?!?

Below is my failed attempt at adding a blinkie. It’s a total accident that I’ve even heard of a blinkie. Wait! Is that “binkie” or “blinkie?” I’m pretty sure it’s BLINKIE! LOL!

The blinkie below I can assure you I installed with permission. Well, it seems I’m not as special as I’d like to think — they’re giving blinkies out to everyone.

I’ve been trying and trying to find instructions for setting up a blinkie. I’ve even searched this site for HELP! A person can’t find anything with a simple question like “how do I add/install a blinkie? Instead, I’m getting words like widgets, go to dashboard, blah, blah, blah …

This blogging thing is no fun and I think I’ll leave it to the professionals. Besides, all I wanted to blog about was me, my tirades, latest road rage episodes, what I think about this or that.

As I’m trying out arts and crafts, I thought maybe I’d share my highs and lows, successes and failures, is it difficult, can anyone do it? I just wanted to share from the view of a real person with a real grasp on my mood for that particular day. Like, I’m not farting rainbows. I have more bad days than not. I’m not the fake it till you make it kinda girl either.

I guess I’m so good at being negative, I never realize it. I think I’m getting negativity and being realistic mixed up?

Anyway, if you’ve nothing better to do than read “My Blog,” may God bless and keep you. Hey, to make things interesting maybe we can interact with each other! Now that sounds exciting! Ask me anything! Use my blog to talk about anything! Better still, get your own blog and we’ll blog back and forth with each other!

Thanks for reading. If you want to know about crafting, painting, mixed media, cardmaking, papercrafting, check out the experts cause that’s where I’ll be;-)


I wish you a beautiful day!